The Cave

by Kakali

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The band was formed in the mystical Icelandic town Reykjavik by a group of careless souls, Árni (guitar, vocals), Daði (Piano, drums, vocals) and Káki (lead vocals, guitar). They met in college and only by accident, after a series of random events led them together with instruments in hand, they started playing music together and haven’t stopped since.

In the spring of 2010 Kakali introduced its debut album, The Cave. Currently Kakali is working on its second album expected to be released in the spring 2014.

The concept behind The Cave

We all have these places we escape to when we need a break from our surroundings. These places could be anything within your imagination, your home, a painting, a song or that special someone. Similar to the snail that trails along the road with his home on the back to which he can retreat whenever he needs a break from the world. With this in mind, Þórunn Árnadóttir (an upcoming Icelandic designer) designed this beautiful artwork for our album cover.


released May 1, 2010


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Kakali Iceland

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Track Name: The Cave
The world still bleeds
But you‘re all I need
We‘ll dig a hole, far down
Stay there untill
We are weak and ill
And we don‘t know which way is up

And the time will be
We‘ll be safe and free
Out of tune and out of touch
And the sound we‘ll hear
Will be to loud and near
Out of tune and always there

We let it bleed
I guess it will be over soon

I feel I could
Only if I would
Send a message to the crowd
Follow my cue
Do what I do
I don‘ t know if there‘s a key

We let it bleed
I guess it will be over soon
Track Name: The Wishing Tree
As far as I see it extends
And the sea it has no end
Wondering when we will be
Under the wishing tree
I can’t see

Who are you man
And who needs you
I hope you’ll understand
I wonder if you can

Diving in where I can shout
Arriving nowhere but close around
Coming back the muffled sound

Who are you man
And who needs you
I hope you’ll understand
I wonder if you can

Winding it up and
rolling it down to the spiral hole
A blinding smoke
down all the way to the final goal.
Track Name: A Few for All
Flew by my eyes
Born on a midsummer’s day
No rain, no wind but you cried for better, for worse
You rose, you lived, you died, you learned from the ignorant man of the house
Shame you couldn’t walk there was no one in there for you

A fool is in charge
Disaster is coming
The cold, the heat and suffering doesn’t compare
The fear not knowing what you did or imagine wherever you are
No you couldn’t talk, there was no one in there for you

Take no prize for what you did today
All for no cause or glory
Feel no shame
You couldn’t do nothing.
Neither for you nor for her

Some people say
We can’t all be lucky
I know I am so I’ll thank whoever I can.
We never met but I cannot forget what I heard from the man of the house
“A few for all will die for a cause”.
Track Name: Astronaut
Little angel, your clothes are unclean and
torn by the shoulder and elbows and knees.
When did you ever lose track of your hopes
and fall deeper and deeper into a hole

Oh don‘t get me wrong,
it‘s not over for you
any more than (that) I still have a
chance of becoming an astronaut

I know what you might have been,
you know it best,
but you smile to the world and
say this is it.

We can never be sure anyway,
so just smile if you can,
say rock bottom is
far, far away.

Oh I hope it‘s not true
that it‘s over for you.
I even believe that
I can still be an astronaut

I can not help but compare to you
While you do all you‘re meant to do
But I hope that you see that you‘re greater than
All your ambitions combined today.
Your angles have still not forsaken you
All of your sins are objective to
Those who will judge you in the end
Who really knows if they‘re real.

If they‘re real!

Far from the best,
from the middle, the rest
But you walk (un)til you‘re gone
You‘ll be far from our thoughts

You can‘t say what you did,
all the thoughts that you hid
With nothing to lose
you‘ve got so much to gain

Enough has been said
about the life that you had,
All alone in your head
you never can be an astronaut.